What is emotional intelligence?

"How we manage ourselves and relationships, self-aware, handling stress, how empathic we are ... tuning in to others...[social skills]"
An effective way to communicate with people

5 key skill areas:

  1. Self-aware - knowing what I am feeling and using it to guide me & intuition - listen to my values and rational mind.(Reminds me of true north principles & authentic leadership)
  2. Managing my emotions - dealing with stress and coping with anger so I say what I need to in a polite & kind manner instead of blurting out hurtful comments when angry.
  3. Motivation - keep working for goals even though you have obstacles
  4. Empathy - to guess/know what someone is feeling via your inference through cues such as their body langauge. "You look like you're coming down with a cold....[then gave some caring suggestions...]" This interaction made him feel really good!
  5. Social skills - can you deal well with all the relationship aspects such as disagreements, having a pleasant disposition so people enjoy being around you.

How do we measure it?
You can learn it and you can increase it.

What can we do to develop our Emotional Intelligence? Is there proof it will work?
Cognitive - e.g., i.q.
Tech. expertise - your skills such as computer program.
Emotional intelligence range - this is really important. It looks like to really succeed in the long term, emotional intelligence seems really key.

Goleman, mentioned a study that managers with higher skills in E.I. lead to higher productive output compared to those managers with less.

1. There needs to be a desire on behalf of the person to want to improve and does it match what their key desires, skills, values are , if they do then try to get to the next step which is an assessment of your e.i.
2. Do a real assessment to see what their current level of empathy is and if they do not know it
3. Need role models to see what they do.
4. Practice elements of e.i. that you are learning from research/role models e.g., being warm, open, flexible, care, communicate, be involved with others vs. aloof, listen, e.g., care for people and reflect it to them (E.g., "It looks like you are feeling very....").
5. Boss needs to be in line with the changes you want to implement so he/she doesn't extinguish what you are trying to improve/live now with respect to e.i.

Finding your own true north, how do we do this?

As a leader, how am I with respect to emotional intelligence?

As a leader, what area can I reflect on more with respect to emotional intelligence?

Whats the connection between E.I. & Authentic leadership?

Whats the connection between communication & E.I?
There are many components here that suggest that E.I involve a lot of communcation such as listening, persuading, building relationships, working together,


http://www.eiconsortium.org/ (For more information about Emotional intelligence such as ways of measuring it)
http://padlet.com/yad_thind12/7renit6lz4nb (A padlet we started in class to help us deal with a comment by a person who was against the importance of learning about emotional intelligence).
Building Emotional Intelligence: Practices to Cultivate Inner Resilience in Children