Paul Hersey & Ken Blanchard in 1969 showed the world a theory called the Situational Leadership Theory.

If you would like to be a great leader....
  1. Adapt how you behave to the requirements of the situation at hand which includes the level of maturity of your constituents.
  2. Choose to do one of the below, depending on their maturity:
    1. Tell them what to do (This is high directive and low support)
    2. Sell the task that needs to be done so they buy in (High directive, high supportive)
    3. Participate with them to decide together (Low directive, high supportive)
    4. Delegate the task to them (Low Directive, Low Support).
    • Watch how they are progressing in terms of their task & psychlogical maturity and adapt your behaviour depending on this.
    • Task maturity: This is their competence. If their skills are getting better, then they are getting more mature.
    • Psychological maturity: If they are more willing to do the tasks required, they are becoming more psychologically mature (Seyranian, 2012).