What is servant leadership?
Servant leadership is a type of leadership whereby the servant leader demonstrates the following characteristics:
  • listens
  • is empathetic
  • is aware & heals
  • is persuasive
  • has "foresight & Stewardship"(p. 436)
  • is committed
  • focuses on making the community stronger
    • (Avolio et al., 2009)

How do we practice it?
I think that some ways to embody the servant leadership philosophy is to communicate your ideal vision of the future, be truthful, focused on serving, be an example, be grateful for what others do and show it, focus on listening and communicate effectively, work on being more competent & and focus on improving your credibility, be one that encourages others, be one that shares knowledge by teaching it and delegate (Avolio et al., 2009).

There has not been a deep scope of research in this field; however there are findings of satisfaction correlated with servant leadership.

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